Duck for dinner

By: Frank Gonzalez

I entered the Corps on February 3, 1970, Parris Island, Platoon 218, A few weeks into training, I was introduced to “duck for dinner.” At first I thought wow wonder how these cooks are going to F _ _k up this meal. No not the case at all, the term means, that because the training schedule was tight, the platoon would “rangewalk” through the chow line and what ever each recruit could grab and eat and drink on the way to the exit was what you had for that meal. Our Drill Instructors would herd everyone through the process. What ever happens you wouldn’t want to be the last recruit to make formation. The Drill Instructor would take a quick head count, call everyone to attention, RIGHT FACE, forward march. At this phase there were 82 recruits, the entire event took under 25 minutes. I tell people about “suck for dinner” many can’t believe stuff like this happened.

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  • Harry 1371

    I got that bass ackwards ! Sorry.

  • Harry 1371

    Parris Island Plt. 3056 1967 We learned quickly to make sure not to leave the mess hall before the DI. If the DI wasn’t very hungry neither were we. Harry

  • Sgt Robert L Sisson

    I didn’t know that. I guess there must be over 1,000 platoons in some years.

  • Bob 1381

    Platoon numbers start over each year…..Bob 1381

  • Daniel Miller

    MCRD Plt. 3105 1974. We also “ate” duck on a few occasions. The only thing that hit your mouth was air as you were route steppin through the chow hall. As far as SOS, I loved it then and still do. Found a restaurant that serves it just like in boot camp and infantry training school at Camp Pendleton. The restaurant is called “Paul’s coffee shop” located at 16947 Bushard St., Fountain Valley, Ca. 92708. When you order it, it comes to you on a metal mess tray. You can also buy the tray and on every Veterans day, you can take it back with you and you can get free SOS. Love the place. Semper Fi, Marines and Happy New Year.

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