Duck part 2

By: Bob

I went to PI in October 67 and had the same duck….My version was “Duck in and Duck our ladies ( or sometime we were called ladies or maggots). I always eat dessert 🧁 first, this way I had it 🤷‍♂️ The good old days of Uncle Sams Misguided Children semper fi.

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  • Maurice Boudreau

    Yes I went to PI Plt.3052 September 67-71 Vietnam 68-69. Did training at Camp Pendelton Calif. for three months. Spent my thirteen month’s their in DaNang. Then to the 2nd Engineer Battalion at Camp Lejeune then transferred to lst Marine Brigade Hawaii as a Career Adviser. Like it is said once a “Marine Always a Marine”. I am retired now as most of my fellow Marines are also. Semper Fi.

  • Billy Myers

    James Kanavy, what was the name of your buddy who earned the Silver star with A/1/9?

  • Gerard C. Florentine

    Joined the Corps in December 65, did not start training until January 66 – Platoon 2032 … Duck Soup was a PI speciality, sometimes 2 0r 3 times a week. After ITR and NJS in Newport,RI, I’m from Mass
    Yes, the Home of Mass-Holes), arrived in RVN February 1967. After 8 months as a 1st Division Poge, I went to 1st Recon Bn., and stayed there until December 69. (Two 6 month extensions in the Corps, and 4 extensions in Country.)

    Retired in 1993, after Desert Storm, 15 years in the 02 Field. Returned to Vietnam three times in the past 10 years, Could not believe my eyes. Americans are WELCOME with friendly smiles (U.S. Navy calls at CamRahn Bay). Chinese and Russians are NOT. English is mandatory in schools, and Capitalism flourishes everywhere, even in the dreary north.

    The Country has rebuilt, and 5 star Resorts dot the South China Sea Coast. It seems the (read that the Democrat controlled U.S. Congress LOST the war, but we, the American People, WON the peace.

    Semper Fi,
    Gerard C. (Tran Phu), Florentine
    GySgt USMC/USMCR Ret.

  • Rudy Gibbs

    Harry I was at pi October 67 this is Gibbs Rudolph or Rudy I was a 1371 in Nam I was with 3 rd mardiv icore 3 rd B co from April to July 20 my email address is please get in touch

  • James Kanavy, CPL, 0311, 0231

    I was in Platoon 321, 13 January 66 to March 15, ITR to April 21, 20 days leave and left for Camp Pendleton 13 May. Due to go to Vietnam, 3rd Marine Div but 29 May I was sent TDY with 62 other Marines to Vietnamese language school in Monterey Can. Ended up with the 1st Marines. My buddy went 1 June and ended up with A Co, 1/9. Silver Star. I consider myself lucky since we talked after the we got home and we were in different wars. His was all NVA and trench warfare. Mine was search and destroy against the Viet Cong and some NVA until operation Union which was NVA. Funny how a language test meant all the difference. Semper Fi

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