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Durable USMC License Plate

Durable USMC License Plate

Durable USMC License Plate

Dear Sgt. Grit:

How are you? This is Jim Haley, Jr. I know that you have many people email you. I have emailed you before. I am a former Marine Corps Captain.

Last Saturday as my wife Barbara was driving our Mariner a 6 Point Buck ran into the Mariner. The buck darted out of a wooded area that was adjacent to Rt 422 (outside of Phila, Pa). Fortunately, neither my wife or I were hurt. Unfortunately, a Pa. State Trooper had to put the buck out of its misery.

Please at the attached pictures and note the durability of the U.S. Marine License Plate that I purchased from Sgt. Grit. I thought that you may enjoy the story.

Semper Fi,
Jim Haley, Jr.

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