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Earn This

In memory of Cpl James L Moore


Our son was killed in a helicopter crash along with 30 others enroute to Rutbah, Iraq to provide security immediately prior to the elections in Iraq. He, and his brothers had survived the worst of the fighting during the takeover of Fallujah and was anxious to head back to the states as soon as the elections were over, for some much deserved leave time. We received the news of his death after watching details of the copter crash all day over the news networks. We will never forget the horror we felt as we heard someone at the door and opened it to three Marines in their dress blues. “We regret to inform you…” is all I remember as the pain sank in. Our community gave James a beautiful memorial service and our governor, an ex-marine himself, gave a moving talk during the eulogy. Oregon has lost a very valuable asset, CPL James L Moore gave allhe truly believed in what the US was doing in Iraq and was very proud of the job the Marine Corps was performing. Please post this poem that was a gift to us by a lyrics writer. He was inspired to write it after seeing this picture of James. The photo was a gift to the family from Jerome Sessini, a photographer embedded with James’ unit during the Battle of Fallujah. I think James would be proud for us to note that during that battle he was dubbed “Mighty Moore” by his brothers fighting alongside him as a tribute to the challenges he faced and helped bring them through. We would love to share the attached photo and poem with all that have supported us through this period of loss and pride.


Thanks to all those serving in Iraq, we hold you all in our prayers daily.
Semper Fi

Garry Moore (father) Suzanne Henson-Moore (stepmother)


Dedicated to the Memory of James Lee Moore 02/03/80 ? 01/26/05


“Earn This”

Written by: Anonymous

His picture talks to me
I have never met him but I feel as if I have always known him
He represents everything that is good and unselfish
He has the hint of a smile on his face
I can feel the strength and confident conviction in his eyes
There is a calm way about him that makes me feel at ease
Everything is going to be OK he says
I read that he volunteered after the towers fell
Because he wanted to make a difference
I know that I had a good day today because he and others like him
Have walked quietly into the storm and kept the wolves at bay
It is as if we have made a silent bargain?. a promise
He has made the ultimate sacrifice
So I can live more days like today
I ask myself if I am keeping my part?
Am I earning this?
His picture talks to me
It makes me ask questions
Can I be a better person?
Am I using this gift of being alive to make a difference?
When others have paid the price for my protection and safety
I realize I am here because others are not.
I eat at the table because others gave up their seat
I keep his picture where I can see it every day
To remind me of him and the others
Who paid for my freedom?
And to remind myself
I must Earn This!

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