Done by Marky Mark in Saugerties, NY. 12477

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  • John T. Durant

    Man, that is worthy of preservation !!!! See a surgeon and taxidermist for instructions in your will. Maybe Freeze-dried would work. Have you talked to your wife, if you have one, about it. That is a great Tatoo! and the bicep is remarkable too.

  • A. Lee Olson

    Man, I was in from 1986-1990. I wanted a USMC tat sooo bad! BUT, I didnt want a bull dog or black panther or whatever everyone else was getting! Figured out exactly what I want bout 15 yrs ago but haven’t had an extra grand that didn’t need to go elsewhere. Hopefully someday I can pull it off and share photos with my brothers & sisters in arms. So far, I’m the only Marine I know with no ink. But I’m picky! It’s gotta be right or not at all!

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