Endless Bends And Thrust

Endless Bends And Thrust

Following up on comments/pic from Sgt. Whipple and Cpl. Griffin, I’ve attached additional current pictures of the 3rd Bn. barracks at P.I. My wife and I visited in early March of this year and were sad to see the ongoing demolition of my home during July-October of 1964 as member of platoon 366. Can’t help but remember our junior drill instructor, Cpl. Odachowski, who frequently shared such critical wisdom as “If the Marine Corps wanted you to have a wife, it would have issued you one”, when he wasn’t overseeing endless bends and thrusts… a special man and I hope he is alive and well today.

Brian Farney, Sgt.

3rd Battalion Barracks 2016 demolition from a distance3rd Battalion Barracks 2016 demolition up close

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  • Alan Hall

    I was 3rd Battalion I company Plt. 3055 from 16 jul to 4 Oct. 1979 It was a life changing experience.We had a room in the back of the squad bay we called the oven. It had a small window they closed before you were sent in their for bens and thrusts, mountain climbers, side straddle hops. You would come out of their dripping in sweat.Sorry to see the barracks being torn down.God Bless the United States and Long Live the Marines. SEMPER FI! my Brothers OOHRAH!

  • Bill Buttle Jr

    In November of 1972 I remember falling while trying to run up those stairs. I was 17 and 5’10” 130 labs soaking wet. I felt like I was in hell for a couple of months until I adjusted. The Corps made a man out of a smart ass kid who thought he knew it all. It saved me. While as they said, “We don’t promise you a rose garden”, it was a good experience. I think back to my time and realize 40 odd years later it was the best thing that I ever did. God Bless the Corps. To translate from a Latin expression I saw one time, Often tested, Always faithful, Brothers Forever. SEMPER FI.

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