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Murl D. Long

When a Great One falls on the battlefield of life
Like the din of thousands of cymbals struck as one
It will be heard round the world

The frenzy now begins as though by demand
Those who hated the fallen warrior suddenly
And inexplicably find paragraphs of praise
Now that he can no longer hear them

His friends, so numerous, feel a sad void
They recall the quiet, confident demeanor of the pleasant man on a mission
Not once being caustic, nor vituperative in his criticism
Rather, master of humor, he delivered his message with tasteful, but precise wit

Where do such leaders begin their journey
The land of Lincoln, from which other giants came
I shall not shed any tears, nor mourn his passing
For he is without pain or suffering
His labors are now complete

Friends, associates, family, people who he touched
Feel the loss with honest sorrow and pain
His adversaries respect him and his quest
Measures of this giant include genteel morals, integrity and humor
Plus an honesty that is not superficial, but deeply ingrained

Your tasks were many-and now have been completed
Your failures, few-and now have been forgotten
Your triumphs, many, like beacons of light for all to see-
And now are examples of how lofty goals are met

God places his hand on the shoulder of this common man
Job well done, 0′ good and faithful servant
Ronald Wilson Reagan, come with me
We shall view this Sunset together

Murl D. Long


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