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Everly Brothers and Boot Camp: San Diego or Parris Island

Can someone verify for me where the Everly Brothers went to boot camp? I was at MCRD San Diego Oct 61 to Jan 62. I know I saw them in formation with another platoon a couple times. However, I ran into a Marine recently who swore to me he was with them at Parris Island. My Platoon number was 385. A Marine wouldn't lie. Did I dream it?

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Patrick Michael - December 16, 2023

I was at Perris Island, SC in 1961 and I remember hearing that the Everly Bothers were there so was surprised to read that they did their basic training at Camp Pendleton. I think the word got around at P.I. that they were in boot camp so we Marines all just assumed they must be at Perris Island. After all, they were from Kentucky, and everyone that joined on the East Coast went to Perris Island and those in the west went to Camp Pendleton. I always wondered why we never saw them or heard of anybody that did.

Martin Wright - December 9, 2022

Looking for Platoon 385 picture from San diego 1944. My grandfather Sabin Smith was there.

Richard Gill - December 4, 2022

I was with Norman jatho Plt 182, oct 1961 to early 1962. I stood at the wash rack scrubbing skivies right next to the everly bros. They were definitely at San Diego….

Nathan - September 9, 2022

I was in Platoon 377 at MCRD and the Everly brothers were in 378

Joey Aguzin - September 6, 2022

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Semper Fi,

Gene Brown - February 9, 2022

I was in Plantoon 287.I saw them on mess duty,I talked to Phil.They were at MCRD San,Diego.

Michael Storey - June 21, 2020

My father was the Everely brothers Drill Instructor.

BIll CAtano - June 6, 2020

My husband was in platoon 385 at San Diego and yes the Everly Brothers were there and relived him from kitchen duty

Norman A Jatho - May 18, 2020

I was in Platoon 182 at San Diego from October 6, 1961 until graduation in early January. I seen the Everly brothers in another platoon during that time. They definitely took boot camp at MCRD San Diego.

RJ Blett, Jr - April 1, 2020

They went through San Diego, for sure. Not sure their boot camp time period, but around then. While I was still in ITR (March ’62?) they did a concert somewhere on base after they graduated. I’m not sure where it was exactly, but I was walking exterior guard in an ammo dump on a week-end and they were within hearing distance. I was so very tempted to climb over the berm and see what was going on, but training and fear of the OD stopped me.

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