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Fallen Heroes Memorial

Fallen Heroes Memorial

On Saturday the 13th of August the Fairmont Christian Center in Pasadena, Texas unveiled a memorial monument to Fallen heroes from Texas. Although this is not such a special event in itself because so many people and organizations are doing the same type of thing all across the nation, there is one part of this I felt you might like to share with your readers. Mr. Steve Walters, the stepfather of PFC. Leroy Sandoval, Jr., KIA in Fallujah, Iraq on March 26, 2004.

PFC Sandoval was awarded the Bronze Star posthumously for his action in saving the members of his platoon caught in heavy insurgent crossfire from rooftops. PFC Sandoval mounted a heavy machine gun mounted on his hummer and continuously returned fire without regard for his own safety while his platoon made cover and returned fire. His actions saved many lives and allowed his platoon to put down the insurgent attack.

Mr. Walters after much thought penned the attached poem. I hope it moves as many more as it did on Saturday when he read it before hundreds of attendees from all branches of service. We still make them as we did before and always will. Marines are Marines are Marines. Chesty is proud. Semper Fi.

GySgt. C. J. Glynn, USMC, (Ret)
5714 Upper Lake Drive
Humble, Texas 77346

Final Firefight Fraternity
by Steve Walters

You stated your name, the day you stood tall
To proudly serve our country, to serve us all.
Knowing that you could fall Now, your name is on a memorial wall.
A brother in arms who stood in harms way
That is where these brave men now lay.
In a small cemetery, in a huge city, you can see
Where these members lie of the final firefight fraternity
One is very dear to me, but all four have clearly
Given up their destiny
They gave up what their future could be
I am grateful to them and now I truly see
That the price for freedom is not free
How many years before I see you again?
My son, my brother, and my friend.
I will shake your hand, with respect then And thank you for fighting unto the end.
You are my hero, each and everyone
You trained real hard to carry a gun.
You died in service to us, now it’s done
You stood and fought, you didn’t run.
The earth is quiet here; Yet a plane goes overhead.
I look around at the ground; A part of me is also dead.
But I want to think of you instead
For each and every one of you, I dread
That not enough thanks will ever be said.
You are going to stand with your brothers?
The way it must be!
You volunteered and served so admirably.
I am so sorry, I wish it had been the older one…me.
I will never forget you and the final firefight fraternity.

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