Father Of A Marine Serving In Africa

Father Of A Marine Serving In Africa

By: Jeffrey Moore

I was given this old (very heavy) concrete Emblem that was in very poor condition. We cleaned it up and repainted so that can again serve as a symbol of honor for our Marines!

Jeffrey Moore

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  • RAYMOND USMC 69-71

    NO RULES NO REGULATION IN SHOWING YOUR PRIDE FOR THE CROPS!!!!!!!!! Your family members and yourself are part of the MARINES FAMILY!!! SO FLY IT!!!!!

  • Kelli

    One more question . . . are there any rules and/or regulations that prohibits persons who did not serve in the USMC from flying the Marine Corps flag and showing Marine pride? I would not want to step on anyone’s toes and cause a problem if there is a rule/regulation for those who didn’t serve.

  • Kelli

    Where do I get one as well! Both my Dad and Uncle are former Marines and I know both of them would LOVE to have something like this for their “collection” of USMC gear. If anyone knows, please email and let me know!

  • A.J. Apodaca

    OooRah! Semper Fi! Sgt.1/11, 1969-1972

  • jerry powers

    thank you and my god bless you and give you a safely back home.

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