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Fathers Day

Fathers Day

On 30 January, ’04, ( my 62nd birthday) my son retired as a Senior Chief, US Navy, at the Washington,D.C. Navy Yard.

I and all of my family was moved by the flag ceremony, as it is passed from one sailor to another and saluted.But nothing moved the family more when my son stopped in front of me and presented the flag to me. You see, I served in the Corp back in the early ’60s, 1st Bat.,2nd Div. The flag presented to me flew for two days at the Marine post in the D.C. Navy Yard.

Well this past Father’s day my wife and I went to visit our son and daughter-in-law by D.C.. He and I did a walking tour of the memorials. The Wall, WW II, Korea, and the Iwo Jima Memorial. I want to share this photo that I took at the Iwo Memorial. I hope all who see it will feel the way my son and I feel about it.

Sempr Fi,
Bob Cavalcante

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