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Father's Footsteps

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I was in the great US Territory Guam December 8, 2016, I needed to get on the Naval Base in Sumay, Guam when I went to the visitor’s center and I was told I need a government ID and a sponsor to gain access to the base, I didn’t have my GOV ID with me so the gentleman told me it’s a no go and gave me the phone number to security on the base.

Sitting in the car I remembered I used the card at MCB Quantico, Camp Henderson and Camp Pendleton so I informed the gentleman of this and was he able to verify my information, then said my ID is Ok but you still need a sponsor.

I called base security and told gentleman I am CPL Mike Dalrymple from La Puente CA and I need to be on the base at HQ 0800 for colors and that I didn’t know I needed a sponsor for access, he said to me; why is it so important for you to be there at this time, I stated because at 0800 December 8, 1941 when the japs attacked Guam my father was stationed at Marine Barracks, then this great man stated say no more I will sponsor you.

At 0800 I was on US Naval Base Sumay Guam standing in front of HQ at attention with my head bowed honoring my father, MSGT Russell Dalrymple, UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS 1940 / 1960 on the 75th anniversary of the attack on Guam, Prisoner of War (POW) December 10, 1941 – 1945.

At colors I felt sooo much PRIDE and yet at the same time HUMBLED, very SAD and in TEARS when I started thinking and visualizing of the horrible atrocities these animals had committed on our Marines, Sailors and the great American Guamanians.

In the attached picture my father is standing to the far left in front of the sailor, according to Roger Mansell this picture was taken on dock January 16, 1942 upon arrival in mainland japan.

My father was also 5th Marine Regiment quartermaster when leaving Camp Pendleton, CA and making the beach landings in Korea 1950, he is a Chosin Few Marine.

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