Fill Us In The Details

Fill Us In The Details

Here’s our ITR photo 1968. We had 1 Marine that lost his cover on the way to have photo taken. You can see him under the bleachers with Continue reading
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  • Carlton King

    how would a person go about obtaining a photo of their company in ITR?

  • Amtracker

    Good ‘ol An Hoa. Rocket City.

  • Tom Corcoran former Cpl. (e4) K/3/2 — E/2/9

    Picture a good laugh.Lucky for him this was ITR and not boot camp, if it was boot camp he probably still be there. Well with the size of his ITR Co. at least he wasn’t part of the 10%. Tom Corcoran Cpl. K/3/2 and E/2/9.

  • Daniel Davis

    This was Delta Co, 2nf ITR I was there. I was in Boot Camp Platoon 2035. Went to VIETNAM May 69-March 1970 1st Battalion 5ht Marines AN HOA. I was a COP for 28 Years and now I am a Veterans Service Officer for the MARINE CORPS LEAGUE Hamilton/Cincinnati, OH

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