Finding Your Bunk Fun

I got to MCRD, Parris Island, 2nd Battalion, platoon 37, on April 27, 1955. True, the DI’s were tough and not as restricted as they are today. They were inclined to use some rather rough language and a physical reminder for emphasis. One of the fun things to do when it was time for lights out, was to have all the maggots march around the squad bay with the lights out, singing the Marine Corps hymn. Then came the order to get in the rack. What a madhouse it was, in the dark, trying to figure out where you were in the squad bay and to find your rack before the lights went on again. Some bumps and bloody noses were taken into the rack those nights. Fun and games, but all good memories. Semper Fi!
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  • Court Conkwright

    I went thru PI in Jun of 1962 and out posted in Sep 1962 Plt 238 2BN……….you were there the same as me. Sgt Court Conkwright……………….I am still in touch with about 120 Marines from 236-237-238 and 239 email address is courtcurtis@usa net drop a line now and then. Semper Fi Brother. I am also in touch with one of my D.I. from 238.

  • S. Vincent Montagna, CPL, 54-57

    I arrived at PI on March 25,1954. Thanks for reminding me of some of things that we endured. We laugh about them now but they weren’t funny then. Like marching in the swamp and finding the right sand flee to bury that someone had just killed and fell in the sand. Our DI had us march to the showers down the Company street with a towel tucked in our skivvies while he play his Bag pipes.I thought I died and went to hell on that first day. I think we all wanted kill our DI’s, but on Graduation day we couldn’t wait to shake their hands and even say thank you.

  • Sgt Robert L Sisson

    I also went through PI the summer of 1968 Platoon 293 2nd Bn. I still remember the cement wash racks. Outside scubbing our Utilities. I never knew it could be so hot. Going to hook up with my boot camp bunkie this summer. We went through PI and ITR at Geiger and never saw each other again. 2445837 never will forget that number. July 1968-July 1971 Vietnam April 1969- Oct 1970 11th Marines and 12th Marines.

  • Robert H Bliss

    Hey! I’m glad to hear from you again. I’m holding my own but mostly because no one will do that for me. I’m getting a little more sore every morning–noon–and night and still breathing—so everything is alright. How are you doing ? I can’t tell you how many times someone who never experience V.N. could not believe some of the things we did to have a little laugh/enjoyment in such a hostile place. As Always and Forever—-Semper Fi Brother…..

  • Paul Chacho Jr. SGT. E5 66to69.

    I got to PI in July of 66 in PLT 2063. First two weeks I was scared to death. I was standing in the head one day for 30 seconds of peace and thought that these guys could kill me, bury my body in the swamp and my parents would never find out what happened to me. We never thought though we should report any type of rough behavior from our DI. We sucked it up and became Marines. Semper Fi all.

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