Finding Your Bunk Fun

I got to MCRD, Parris Island, 2nd Battalion, platoon 37, on April 27, 1955. True, the DI’s were tough and not as restricted as they are today. They were inclined to use some rather rough language and a physical reminder for emphasis. One of the fun things to do when it was time for lights out, was to have all the maggots march around the squad bay with the lights out, singing the Marine Corps hymn. Then came the order to get in the rack. What a madhouse it was, in the dark, trying to figure out where you were in the squad bay and to find your rack before the lights went on again. Some bumps and bloody noses were taken into the rack those nights. Fun and games, but all good memories. Semper Fi!
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  • Dennis havrilla

    They scared the hell out of me, but at the end, they squared my ass away…. I was a MARINE!! So many stories to tell…. Plt. 161, June 1958…..

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