Finished Up My USMC Sleeve With These

Finished Up My USMC Sleeve With These

Now onto the other arm. ;)

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  • Cristian R Puentes

    I want to get a tatto about the marines just like that but I wouldn’t wanna do it because I think I get call disgrace because I’m not a marine or wasn’t a marine but soon I should be one . Do you think it’s wrong to get a tattoo of a marine sign if your not a marine ?? Please let me know thank you

  • D King

    All of the above! Drill Instructors will have a field day with you having a Marine Corps tattoo and you have not earned the right to wear it yet. Do it the right way. Go through boot camp, earn the right, then tattoo away.

  • Juli Cruz

    Woman Marine weighing in. I understand your desire to wear the emblem but to get a tat of the Corp Emblem would be a disgrace to those who died for his/her country. It is almost like claiming you were a seal on you resume. That just isnt who a Marine is. Good luck.

  • Toni Goar

    In reply to D King.
    Your giving good advice . My Dad was a career Marine served two wars a honorable man until he took his last breath. And I married a dessert Storm veteran.

  • Cpl “O” USMC 1986-1990

    GOTTA Wait til You earned it Man!!! Thats what makes it special!!

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