First Tat

First Tat

My first tat.

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  • Daniel Miller

    “U.S.M.C.” Tattooed on my right forearm in Hong Kong at a place called “Pinky’s”, I believe, for 15 new Hong Kong dollars which was about $3 American. When I came back home my Mom was furious but still loved me. Dad was a Marine in WW2 Pacific theatre on Guadalcanal, Betio, and Okinawa. He didn’t mind the Tatt. Love you, Pop
    Daniel Miller, 3/4 India Co. ‘75-‘76.

  • Paul

    In reply to Gary.
    Sgt Grit has 105 flags on line for sale and not one has stars and bars. I wonder why that is??? It’s 2019 not 1862 they lost time to move on. It’s time to unite under the Stars and Stripes. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty damn good.
    Semper Fi

  • Dan Colclaser

    First and only Tat. Three lines right forearm.

    $1.00 a line in J Ville January 55 after 4 beers. Good thing my buddies saw me in the parlor and got me out. Lord knows what else I would have added.

    When my Mother saw it she cried for hours!

  • Gary

    In reply to Clark Conover.
    OoohRah, that’s a old tat.
    Different time, different world.
    You P. C. fools !!

  • Paul

    What cause????

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