First Tat

First Tat

My first tat.

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  • Oslo Wilhunky

    Never be ashamed of the “stars and bars”, it symbolizes standing up for your rights and your cause, even under fire or persecution.
    Oooh Rah!

  • L/cpl D.Gray 1/7 81’s Division Champs !

    Tat looks like it came from “Ace tattoo” on Broadway in San Diego?My letters have the same shape and colors !

  • Clark Conover

    To deny HISTORY is asking to repeat history. Pretending that there were no confederate Marines is just PC nonsense. I had family fighting on both sides during the civil war and I am proud of all of them.

  • Paul

    In reply to Scott.
    For sure Scott. Not much to choose from. A liar or a pyscho. You have to vote for who you think will do you the least amount of harm. I’m sure we both think we were right.

  • Scott

    In reply to Paul Klein.
    Looks like Paul voted for Hillary. Good job! Still love my liberal brothers though.

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