First Tattoo At Last

First Tattoo At Last

I always wanted an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor tattoo. I turned 50 this year and decided that the time was right. The artist was John M. At Classic 13 Tattoos in Birmingham, Alabama.
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  • John Thrasher

    Mark, the round scar is from a polio vaccination I received as a child in the 1960’s. I had the tattoo placed below it to preserve the scar. I had the chicken pox in 1970 and never received a vaccination for it while at Parris Island. Thanks for asking. Semper Fi…

  • Lloyd Martin

    Garry Ross : No I missed the big party at Khe Shan didn’t get in town till Oct. of 68. Hear you guys had a hell of a time. Spent most of My time .between Danang and Hyvon,playing hide and seek with some dude named Mr. Charles. Don’t think make reunion this year. Maybe some other time Cpl.”WINO” Martin

  • JC 68

    Nice ink Marine..!!

  • Rod

    Wow! what great detail.Extra nice,I like it.Semper Fi

  • Peter Dominguez

    Awesome tattoos, a marine symbol, excellent artwork. Semper Fi. Ooorah!

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