First Tattoo At Last

First Tattoo At Last

I always wanted an Eagle, Globe, and Anchor tattoo. I turned 50 this year and decided that the time was right. The artist was John M. At Classic 13 Tattoos in Birmingham, Alabama.
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  • Fred Romero

    Well stated Marine, I’m sure your dad would be proud… after the required butt chewing. Damn fine looking tat!

  • Martin

    I got mine at 18 in Sydney on R&R EASTER SUNDAY.1969 I’m 65 years old and never regretted it 0351 C co 1/26 .iIn country 6 8 and 69. Semper Fi ! !

  • John Thrasher

    Master Guns, the tattoo belongs to me – Cpl. John Thrasher, 0341, ’83-’89, Wpns Co 3/6. The tattoo cost me around $200 and took about 2 1/2 hours. This is my only tattoo. Last year (2015), I experienced two milestones – the first was the passing of my father, a brother Marine(serial # 180xxxx) and the second was that I turned 50 years old. Dad did not have any tattoos and always warned me against getting one. When he posted out and reported into his final duty station guarding the most precious gates of Heaven, I decided it was time to honor both Him and my time on active duty. Semper Fi!!

  • Bob Duerden

    Corporal Larkin: I have to ask … how much did this tattoo cost you??I’m 80 yeras old and thinking of getting MY first ever tattoo. Semper Fi, Masetr Guns

  • Frank Larkin

    Best one I’ve seen yet. Good job! I have a USMC tat on left arm but always wanted a nice clean Eagle, Globe and Anchor. At 68 maybe now is the right time. Thanks Frank Larkin Cpl USMC Vietnam 68-70. Semper Fi!

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