Foggy Rifle Range Memory

By: Lionel "Leo" Caldeira

Calling Marines of 1958 PI boot camp era: can anyone remember and provide the rifle range details for this old Marine, obviously now in his mid-seventies who, much to my dismay, is having difficulty recalling the exact firing protocol for each position with our M1’s back in the day? Specifically, what the did we shoot in the four positions of offhand, kneeling, sitting and prone? This is all I remember (I think): 100 yds. offhand; either 200 and/or 300 yds. kneeling and sitting; and pretty sure we did prone at 500 yards. Which positions and associated distances were shot in slow fire and which in rapid fire? Referring to the USMC Manual of the day yielded zero results. Your help to answer these nagging questions will be very much appreciated. Semper Fi to all brother and sister Marines.

Lionel “Leo” Caldeira – Cpl.
’58-’62: 3rd MarDiv; 1st MarDiv

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  • artymgysgt

    In 1972 or 1973 I was in the Hq. Co. of Hq. Bn. 2nd Mar Div and was assigned as the Firing NCOIC of a range detail. It was the last range detail for the year and consisted mostly of officers and SNCO’s I was cold and rainy on qualification day, and as I recall I was the only one to shot expert. The following Monday the Hq.Bn. training chief called me to his office and commenced to chew me out. I told him the detail NCOIC should be a non -firing SNCO.

  • Oldmariine

    Sorry Not over 230 .

  • Oldmariine

    Oldmarine to Lionel “Leo” Caldeira – Cpl. I went thru boot camp in Aug 1953 and was Hi shooter for the Plt.(283) This is the protocol for the Range then 200 yds. was OFF HAND slow fire and timed fire. From the 300 yds. it was Sitting and Kneeling slow fire and timed fire. each string was 8 rounds ea for slow and timed fire.500 yds was prone slow fire only. Expert score was 225 points Sharp Shooter was 218 points. and Marksman was 190. all of the is to the best of my memory and a little fuzzy on Score Ratting. I believe that the Max score was 250 and I never heard of anyone going over 130 and all shooting was with the M1 Grand. I competed with the 45 also but most Marine competition was at civilian matches. Still do a lot of shooting using all kinds of weapons but still have a M1A1 (308) for Long Range.

  • Fred R.

    In ’62 at Camp Matthews my 500-yard line phase was 10 shots prone. What a great experience for a gung ho 17-year old recruit!

  • Ed Emanuel (1956-1985) MSgt USMC Ret.

    I do believe there is a little distortion in the firing position in qualifying with M-1. I went through boot camp in the summer of1956. As I recall at 200 yards we fired 10 rounds off hand and 10 rounds rapid fire from the sitting position. At 300 yards we fired 5 rounds from the knelling position and 5 rounds from the sitting position. We then fired 10 rounds rapid fire from the prone position at the 300. Then from 500 yards we fired 10 rounds from the prone position.

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