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For A Special Marine

For A Special Marine
by a proud Marine Mom

Though we’ll be miles and miles apart
Always know that you are in my Heart
Every single day you’ll be in my prayers
I will think of you always and everywhere
There are only a few of the strong, proud and brave
Who will fight for our freedom the American way
Your mission is grand, and of you I am so proud
Being a Marine earns you the respect of all those around
There will be many tough times, this I know
But of who you are don’t ever let go
You’ve pulled yourself up and turned your life around
Your entire family is so very, very proud
I Love you so much and want for you only the best
So keep your standards high and never settle for less
I love your Smile, your heart and your charm
May God keep you always safe from harm
So I’ll tie a yellow ribbon around the tree
And wait for the day you come safely home to me.

Written by a proud step Mom, and the feelings of a VERY PROUD Dad.
Dedicated to Jonathan Nelson… Our Marine

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