For Corporal Dampier

For Corporal Dampier

Corporal Dustin T. Dampier and wife (Sara) with their dogs Cash and Devil-This picture was arranged to have them together for Christmas (even though they were actually apart for the holidays-this picture made us feel that everyone was together.

We have very close neighbors in Kansas City Missouri and everyone supports our son in law – Corporal Dustin T. Dampier 1/7 Charlie Company, 3rd platoon is now stationed in Iraq for his 2nd tour. We miss him so much and wish that he was home with us during the Holidays. We are selfish that way. We are very proud of him and many others that serve the country and it was Veteran’s Day when we got together and took this picture and sent to him. We wanted him to know how proud we are of him and all the service men/women. We couldn’t be any more proud of our daughter Sara Palmer – living on base at Twenty Nine Palms California too. She took a big step into the military life and has adjusted very well and has made several good friends. It does not stop us from worrying, but we would like to also bring up the wives/husbands that make adjustments in their lives for this type of life also. It is a big adjustment for everyone. We are very proud of the two of them and can’t wait to be with the two of them again for the holidays. Thank you so much for putting out this paper – it is always a joy to read. Plus it makes me appreciate what my father did also when he was a US Marine – James Caswell Richardson- (1921 – 1968)

Candice and Bruce Palmer
Kansas City, Missouri

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