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This is my son, LCPL Tyler D. Walters, graduated Parris Island, August 25, 2006.

He is in 1st FAST Company Platoon 6 and is currently in Bahrain. This is a poem that I wrote for him for his graduation. Proud Mother of a US Marine

For my Marine’s graduation
by Linda Weber


LCPL Walters


Like all little boys do, you had a big dream, Yours was to join the military and become a “Marine.” Playing with your Power Rangers and GI Joes. You played out in your mind the dream that you chose.

I was thinking you were just too young to understand. “Oh, he will change his mind when he becomes a man.”

But, you kept that same dream as you grew through the years, in order to support you, I had to put aside my own fears.

How could I teach you to go after your goals if I had a doubt? To learn and to live what you desire is what life is all about.

Now today, my son, your dream has finally come true. You are now a “Marine,” and I am so very proud of you.

Now you are off to serve your country with honor and pride. And you are always in my heart since I can’t be by your side.

My prayers are with you, that you lean on God’s grace. I know He will keep you safe, no matter the place.

Remember that I love you and keep dreaming your dreams, They can all come true no matter how impossible they may seem.

Your Mother 08/25/2006

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