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For My Son Who Joined The Corps

For My Son Who Joined The Corps
by Scott Barbour

When my son joined the Marine Corps,
It was such a proud day.
He went from a boy to a man,
The old fashioned Marine Corps way.
We stood as he marched by the stand,
A tear in every eye.
He looked straight ahead and never swayed,
As his father looked toward the sky.
His father asked the Lord above,
To protect his son, the teen.
The Lord told his proud father,
Yes, I’ll protect your Marine.
The Marine Corps is a way of life,
Not just a weekend game.
He joined to serve his country,
Not for money, girls or fame.
Honor, Courage and Commitment,
These aren’t just words to say.
They are the Marine Core values,
That the Marines live every day.
As my son prepares to leave the States,
To go to a distant shore,
Our family will keep praying,

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