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Good Friday morning to you and all Marines and their families everywhere. Our Marine, L CPL Daniell — is still in Iraq, finishing the fight to keep those elections on course. Praying for all involved to be safe and to be effective in the fight. We continue to be oh, so proud of our Marine. He sounds so tired on the phone; doesn’t want a party when he gets home, doesn’t want to answer a lot of questions and talk about his experiences there. He’s lost dear friends and had others terribly wounded. It’s taken its toll; I just want my son home to rest and to get the sleep he’s missed these last 6 months. I got a wonderful email a while ago, written by a Marine, Sgt. I think. In it he talked about how well our Marines and other service people are being treated, in this war and then in the first Gulf War. He stated that was due to the fact that this nation learned it’s lesson by the treatment of our brave Vietnam veterans. They were shamefully treated, and that’s the God’s honest truth. I work at the state employment office in Martinsburg, WV and I’ve seen first hand these last 15 1/2 yrs. the effects of the cost of their service. Shameful still doesn’t cover it. We had an event in Nov. to honor veterans. I spoke with 2 gentleman, who I figured were VIetnam vets and told them about my son. I thanked them for their service and I man said “I’ve waited 30 yrs. to hear that” Of course, then I had to hug him and try not to cry. God bless ’em, each and everyone for all they did and may He heal the hurt and pain they feel. The Lord gave me some words to that effect. With your kind permission, will list them here:

For Our Vietnam Vets
by Debbi Bell

Our Vietnam veterans were greeted with scorn
the day when they came marching home.
They were ridiculed and were mistreated
instead of being welcomed with open arms.

Please forgive this nation, Dear God,
for hurting many of our own.
We should have been out there, Dear LORD,
with banners to welcome them home.

Erase the memories of awful things said.
Heal the deep hurt they hold inside.
Comfort the families of ones who were lost
as we remember them with love and pride.

Only in trust in You, Father God,
can past torment and agony fade.
Heal the pain and the heartache, Dear God,
–let them trust in Your holy name.

As Your arms open wide to pull them in close
may they truly feel welcomed home
as faith and belief in You, Jesus,
give great peace as they never more roam.

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