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For what it's worth

For what it’s worth

Just wanted to include my sons, both Marines, to honor their service in Iraq.
Zachary Poore was a crew chief with the 2nd AABN out of Camp Lejeune and participated with in the invasion in 2003. He served with D/2/2 attached to 3/5 RCT-5 1st Mar. Div. Excellently chronicled in the book “The March Up”. Zack was honorably discharged at Sgt.
Personal Award includes the Navy/Marince Corps Commendation Medal

Younger brother Eli began his career attached to Presidential Security Forces Camp David then rotated out to Camp Pendleton serving with the 1st Mar. Div. Eli was a Machine Gunner in a Weapons Plt. with F/2/1. He participated in Operations Steel Curtain & Iron Hammer in Anbar Province. Honorably discharged Sgt. this past Friday 5-26-06 and headed home.

Four consecutive generations of Marines, from 1917 to 2006. Lineage photos include:

1. Eli(left) & Zack(right) at home on leave.
2. Eli(on right) returning fire during Op. Steel Curtain in Husaybah, Iraq Nov-05. Photo credit to combat photographer Lucian Read
3. Zack(extreme left)& buddies just prior to Iraq invasion 2003
4. Myself(dad, on left) & Zack(right)Memorial Day 2004
5. Priscilla Hemenway Poore(their Grandmother) home on leave WW2
6. Mortimer Hemenway WW1 Company E, 13th Regt/5th Marine Brigade

On this Memorial Day my thoughts go to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Semper Fidelis

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