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Foreign Lands – Marine Poem

By: Sergeant Aaron M. Gilbert

Foreign lands,
Families home,
Marines have gone,
To stand alone.

We fight for God,
Our Country and Corps.
So freedom may reign,
Forever more.

The North, the South,
The Black and the White,
For the American Land,
We all unite.

With my rifle and life,
I defend my home,
Always on call,
Destination unknown.

For all of my life,
This was my dream,
To fight for my Country,
As a U.S. Marine.

Though I will not be there,
For the birth of my Child,
I’ll serve the Red, White and Blue,
Through any fire or trial.

Against domestic and foreign
Threats I will fight.
From the dawn of day
Into the darkness of night.

Some are bitter and cold
For having to go,
And leave behind,
Their Family and Home.

But with God in my heart,
And His light in my life,
All is at ease,
When I leave my Home and my Wife.

But soon it will come,
In His soft spoken tone.
God will say, “Well done Marine.”
Now pack up and go home.

So, calm is my heart,
And safe with the Lord,
My life always will be,
While I fight in this war.

Unlike other communists in our country, I love the land I live in, and all the freedoms that are given to me. I loath in the fact that we live in a place were we can have our own religion, pray our own prayers, or choose not to do either. But no matter what, you will not be persecuted by the government, you will not be shot, nor hung, nor publicly humiliated for having your own beliefs. In fact, that is what they teach children at school. Can you believe that! Our country actually teaches our children to think for themselves, and to be individuals. WOW, that is a horrible deal. Freedom to do whatever you want, within reason, freedom to persue what ever kind of education or profession you want. Yeah, maybe all those anti war protestors are right, maybe we should stop fighting for it all since we have it so bad. WAKE UP. Everything that you have was given to you on a silver platter. Most of you didn’t even pay for it. You were just born and, BANG, here it is, your freedom. But no, not me, not the men before me, nor the men to come. Many have died, many husbands have left their wives to be widows, to fight for that flag. Many fathers have left their children forever, so they can grow up with the assured freedom that he earned for them. MANY YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN HAVE AND WILL DIE. Think about that, they die. Are you ready to have some person you don’t know take your life, take you away from everything that you love, from all that you know, forever………….. WE ARE.

January 26, 2003
Sergeant Aaron M. Gilbert
United States Marine Corps
USS Saipan
© 2003 Aaron M. Gilbert

I, Aaron M. Gilbert, authorize others to make copies and distribute these works freely, and that no money can be made from the sale or distribution of these works without the Author’s expressed written consent.


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