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Foxhole Jumping

I posted a story a while back Sgt Grit liked so much he post it twice. lol When I saw Robert Mcload story jumping into foxhole it brought back memories that story I told about. It was on Hill 37 out side the village Dia Loc at The 4 corners. The story goes , we were getting incoming about 0545 , mortars were hitting all around us I was in the S4 hooch I grab my m16, helmet, flak jacket. The foxhole I’am referring to was just outside the back door of S4. I was doing about 60 miles an hour when I jumped feet first into the hole. Just as I went in a face appeared and both #10 ‘s met this face. Without hesitation I bounced out of their within a second. The reason I moved so quickly is their were captain bars on his helmet. Now, you say I could have stayed an apologize, I’am just a cpl. so at the time I just made myself scarce and went to the bunker underneath S4. That’s were the other story comes in about Gooood Morning Vietnam. Well the captain I met in the foxhole was Captain Robb of Lima co. 3/7, the President’s son-in-law. This is the first and last time I’ll mention this story and I’am sticking to it. My most sincere apology to the Captain. From what I saw and heard about the Captain, he was a damn fine Marine. Semper Fi my friends. Sid Crews ammo tech. 3/7, in country, Nov 66 to July 68 Oooorah!!!
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GySgt L. Schafer 65-69, 70-79 - April 10, 2020

I was stationed with CAC-Papa in Cam Lo in 67. One morning at 0200 we heard gun fire so we all jumped up and ran to our assigned positions, mine being a foxhole outside the back door of our hooch, I had grabbed my helmet, flack jacket and M-16. All clear was soon given when it was discovered that a PF was shooting at a pig that was in the barb wire, he survived. It was then that I realized I only had on my green skivvies with my other gear. Thinking what a way to die. From then on for the remaining 7 months I slept with my trousers on.

Buzz Barkovich - April 10, 2020

My fox hole story is when I was TAD to the 5th Comm. Battalion. One night in 1970 I was asleep in my hooch when we heard rockets coming in. It was so hot that time of year that we did not wear our boxer shorts in the rack. When I heard the rockets I grabbed my pants, M-16 and helmet and ran outside and jumped in the foxhole. That’s when I put my pants on.

Gary Nash 0302 - April 10, 2020

AND, unlike Al Gore Jr., Captain Robb did NOT need two officers protecting him 24/7! Also, if you want a good history to read on JFK and LBJ re: The Vietnam War, Mark Moyar’s Triumph Forsaken is an outstanding history from ’54 through July of ’65.

George O’Connell - April 10, 2020

As to foxholes, isn’t the rule of thumb to never share a foxhole with anyone ‘braver’ than yourself? I think of snake handlers (Religious or otherwise) and – no matter how crazy I personally may think they are – always admired them for their faith and courage. As a ‘common man’, I would never want to share a foxhole with a snake handler as his core belief in life (or death) is that the Lord will watch over him, no matter what kind of ‘dumb act’ (in my opinion) he may perform. So, a snake handler is at the top of my list to NOT share a foxhole with.

Victor L.Walker - April 10, 2020

I was in H&S 3/7 on hill 37 also. I remember Cpt Robb and the insadent. I was in country Oct 66 to Jun 68. I think I remember Cpl Crews. We left hill 37 and went to Duc Pho. …Semper Fi Cpl Vic Walker. .

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