Foxhole Jumping

I posted a story a while back Sgt Grit liked so much he post it twice. lol When I saw Robert Mcload story jumping into foxhole it brought back memories that story I told about. It was on Hill 37 out side the village Dia Loc at The 4 corners. The story goes , we were getting incoming about 0545 , mortars were hitting all around us I was in the S4 hooch I grab my m16, helmet, flak jacket. The foxhole I’am referring to was just outside the back door of S4. I was doing about 60 miles an hour when I jumped feet first into the hole. Just as I went in a face appeared and both #10 ‘s met this face. Without hesitation I bounced out of their within a second. The reason I moved so quickly is their were captain bars on his helmet. Now, you say I could have stayed an apologize, I’am just a cpl. so at the time I just made myself scarce and went to the bunker underneath S4. That’s were the other story comes in about Gooood Morning Vietnam. Well the captain I met in the foxhole was Captain Robb of Lima co. 3/7, the President’s son-in-law. This is the first and last time I’ll mention this story and I’am sticking to it. My most sincere apology to the Captain. From what I saw and heard about the Captain, he was a damn fine Marine. Semper Fi my friends. Sid Crews ammo tech. 3/7, in country, Nov 66 to July 68 Oooorah!!!
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