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From A Proud Father

From A Proud Father

I just wanted to say how proud I am of our Marines all around the world. My son is in the Corps, 2nd Bn, 9 Mar, G co., currently stationed in Iraq. Over the past 1 1/2 years I have watched my snot-nosed brat turn into a disciplined, well trained, respectful MAN that I once again can be proud of. The Corps has transformed Him into a man that any person can recognize as a United States Marine, even without the uniform. I am amazed at the people who show respect and gratitude when he walks into the room, they say it’s the way he carries himself, that confident walk that comes with the knowledge that you are the best there is, that you are a United States Marine. I’m attaching a photo of him in one of those rare quiet moments. His rifle is close at hand, ever vigilant, ever watchful, always prepared to respond.

From a very Proud Father,
Tampa, Fl.

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