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From the Toys for Tots Motorcycle Run

From the Toys for Tots Motorcycle Run

The first thing I thought when I woke up this morning, hearing the raindrops outside my window, how nice the weather permitted the Toys for Tots Motorcycle Run

In Collin County yesterday!

For the second year, David and Hans worked hard with Ron, Jerry and Mike to make this a successful event. From the attached pictures you will see they accomplished their mission. One Marine soon to be heading back home with his family permenantly, will take tips from these guys to get one started in his hometown located in Arizona. Participation had doubled from the first year; from these rides I see many onlookers thinking, ?I got to get a bike?. And the passengers now want to get their very own bike. Sells are up, I am sure, after each of these rides! Each sponsor will be happy to participate again next year I am sure.

With the donations from many businesses for raffle prizes, more toys can be purchased for children around the world. The song ?Feed the World? comes to mind as I visualize Marines all over the world passing these gifts of love to many. Yes, these are also ?duties? our military signed when they made the commitment to serve. ?Whatever we can do for the children!? one biker said as she took her helmet off after the ride.

The McKinney VFW Post looks forward to next year as they were serving breakfast and lunch to live music on stage, with only a donation jar next to the food. Only a few challenge coins and t-shirts remained; no patch or pin to store. Blue Star Mothers sold magnets, ?Supporting our Troops?, Guardian Bells were purchased supporting Relief Nursery of Collin County, a cash matched program sponsored by the State of Texas. (A child abuse prevention program modeled after the Relief Nursery in Oregon.) Vendors were present, sewing the patches on jackets to Taylor?s delight; riding on the back of ?Papa?s? bike it was official, ?Biker Princess? had been earned. I was not aware until I met the ?Devil Derby? girls at the ride, Roller Derby still exists.

Marines were noticed as soon as I pulled up walking around in their cammies; those in their Dress Blues stood proudly at the 7-ton! ?David was in high hopes to fill this full of toys!? I told them and as they parted for me to see, ?It?s full!? they exclaimed.

Sgt. Major Huff was looking forward to this ride, but much to his disappointment his flight was later in the day; his wife showed up, much to our delight, as she filmed the ride taking off. Marine Mom Diane was in tears as she rode on the back of her husband?s bike; just as they were pulling away from the VFW parking lot her son Nicholas called from Iraq, ?How fitting? she told me when they got back. ?He never calls this early!? she says. ?It only seemed right? I tell her.

?This ride was great!? many were heard saying, ?Looking forward to next year!? and ?Keep this one the same, good route!? Could it be the scenic route itself throughout Collin County rural area? Or was it the Girl Scouts in Princeton waving as they passed through the neighborhood, the citizens of Melissa waving them on, the people pulling over and getting out of their cars to see this beautiful sight?

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