Frost Bite?

I got to Korea Christmas day 1950, No Christmas dinner there, peanut butter sand, cold coffee.

3rd bat 7th Just got out of Kotare and moved to nesaun we landed at Pusan from a Japanese ship, Christmas eve spent from Sasabo to Pusan, we stacked rifles put cig. pks on for decorations and they played white xmas over and over again. I went out on deck and there coming in to Sasabo was the prinston, My best friend was on the prinston hadn’t seen him for a couple of years, That really made me home sick, my first Christmas away from home.

A song of the times was “Bless them all, Bless them all, MacArthur & Ridgeway and all, they started a drive for the river Yalu while we froze our balls off at old Hagarue, so were saying goodbye to them all the large the short, the tall, we will be home for Christmas, the kids never missed us, so cheer up my boys bless them all, A

And another was “here comes a g-ok sneaking thru the grass playing burp gun boggy on chubby’s azs, so were moving on, been away too long, your flaying too high for my little old sky so were moving on. can’t remember the rest.

I do remember the Bob Hope show in Korea, that was a great show, a good lift for all of us, I think I would have given it up for a hot shower & a hot meal, but what to h-ll, didn’t have the choice.

I was wondering if there was any Marines out there that got frost bite, and what they do for it now. my legs hurt all the time, feel like they are giving out, and has poor circulation. Just would like to know what to do to make them feel better. If anybody knows let me know.

Bob (chubby cheeks) Langford, wep co 3rd bat 7th, 1126140 USMC


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