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“G” God is Alive!?


Too many decisions, so little time!
Oh, how many appointments have led to disappointments.
You may wonder!
But do not live in despair or fear!
You must be willing to ?Let Go And Let God? and at the Same time Accept our Lord?s many challenges but only do so, ?One day at a time?.

For as we all have experienced we cannot live ahead of Our own Expected potential.
So why do we rush? Will we finish what we need to Finish quicker In the long run?
Certainly not and we may still not get our #1 priority Finished.

So many concerns, never enough time!
We become so pre-occupied with ?doing this and doing That?, that We often forget to ?smell the flowers?; ?enjoy life for The joy and Beauty it truly is?, and forget to allow the truth to Enter Our hearts that will set our soul and spirit free.

Is tomorrow just another same ol? day?
You may wonder?
But; I know being positive and happy and ?at peace? is Within Everyone?s reach.
I?ve found the ?secret?!
It begins by acknowledging to yourself that ?you desire a new heart?
and by claiming your inner sacred divine being and person is our true God, the Almighty Father.

He alone is our ever present, ?Our Rock of All Age?, From whom ?All Blessings Come?.
And remember, although all of us receive different Blessings and Gifts; we are all created equal.

We are, I am, You are, all children in the eyes of our Father and He loves us all unconditionally throughout eternity.
He desires to carry our loads.
Call upon him!
He is silently; eagerly waiting for you and for me to Come home? Begin by accepting him today as your Lord and Savior!

Allow God an opportunity today!

I wrote this for Corporal Mark, our Marine actively serving now in Iraq: after he called me from Iraq June, 2007

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