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Gator Dog

Gator Dog

By: Quint Nyman

Here you go, per the directive of my platoon commander from 1986. Quint Nyman

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Byron H Coates - July 7, 2020

Great arm that is How you show it.I served with a Great bunch marines in tracks.sgt.Coates

Bohica_gw - July 7, 2020

Cpl-z I served in Bravo co. Same place 74-75 then transferred to 8th & I. Semper Fidelis

Robert Ferris - July 7, 2020

Semper Fi I’m a 1833 /0326 cover off to you and Ramps up we are all water tight an full of fight till the day we go to the great barracks in the sky, the Army is going to realize they’re in trouble when the gates are guarded by Marines Ooh! RAH! Delta co,3rd Amphibian, Tractor Bn,1st Mb, Kanehoe Hi

Bill Kopp - July 7, 2020

Love it was a mechanic on LVTE! tractors 1965-1969, at Courthouse Bay 65-66 and 67-69

Cpl Z - July 7, 2020

I was in Alpha Co. 3rd Bat 1st Mar div Camp del Mar 74-77 “alpha 02”

Glenn Landrum - July 7, 2020

I like it. was with D Co 3rd in 1st Mar Brigade 71-74

Zack Turner - July 7, 2020

YAT-YAS FROM A FELLOW TRACKER! 2nd Mar Div 2nd AABN Alpha Co 3rd platoon BLACK SHEEP

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