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General Quotes

“The Donald” seems (to me) to be very much like one (or all) of these Continue reading
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  • AL Restori USMC 1975-79

    I can’t believe any Marine would support Trump. He is a coward that wouldn’t last a day in the corps. Moreover, he is a classless idiot. Talking tough doesn’t actually make you tough. He stood there on TV in front of the world and sided with freaking Putin over his own intelligence agencies. He has alienated all of our allies. He talks smack about a 16 year old girl with Autism because she is person of the year, not him. And why won’t he release his tax returns. What is he hiding? And if his call to Ukraine was so perfect, why didn’t he defend himself? Bill Clinton may not have been a JFK or a Ronald Reagan, but I would serve under Clinton, or Nixon for that matter before I would serve this embarrassment of a President.

  • Johnson

    John McCain did not refuse to be rescued, he refused early release. He was offered an early release because his father was a Navy Admiral. In his refusing an early release and for enduring the torture imparted upon him he in fact is a hero.

  • Johnson

    He dodged the draft and mocked both a Gold Star family and John McCain who was a POW, Naval Aviator & USNA grad.

  • GySgt USMC Retired Dennis Trudeau

    I served in the MARINE CORPS April 59 thru June 83. agree that McCain was not a war hero. Marine Corps taught the main objective when captured was to escape McCain had a chance to be rescued but chose to remain in a Vietnam prison to me was BS. The vets coming home from Nam were treated like shit. Now everyone who puts on a uniform is a hero!! Also I support this President!!

  • george


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