General Victor Krulak

I was visiting with the Gunny at the Recruiting Station in Flagstaff the other day, and he handed me the article that spoke of the passing of General Victor Krulak at age 95. Tears came to my eyes, as I recalled this unique, and most impressionable officer I have ever met. I had served as a Drill Instructor from 1957-1959, and at the end of my tour on the Drill field, I was given an assignment to Sea School at MCRD, San Diego, as an Instructor.

General Krulak became Base Commander, replacing General Thomas Wornham, at about the same time, and I was honored one hot, sunny day when a Lieutenant, approached some Sea School Students, in “modified Blues”,I was drilling on the Grinder that hot summers day, and I halted the troops.

The Lieutenant told us “the General wanted to let us know we were a fine looking group of Marines, and he enjoyed watching us drill “from Building 31, where his Headquarters were located! We were a proud group to receive his comments.

Later, while teaching in a classroom setting, General Krulak would occasionally visit our school and sit in on our presentations, never wanting to acknowledge his visit nor interrupt our classes.

In 1959, I felt a hand on my shoulder while visiting his headquarters, and he paused to say “Merry Xmas to you and your family, Sgt. Stauffer”, and I was honored “always to be in his presence!” I consider General Victor Krulak to be the epitome of Marine Officers, and I can visualize he and General Lewis Burwell Puller standing at the Pearly Gates, where Marines will be greeting the Army and the Navy as they visit Heaven’s scenes.

I pray that I’ll have a position in that Guard Detachment!

Former Sgt of Marines
Richard A. Stauffer 51/60

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  • Nick tackacs

    Sgt. USMC

  • Nick Tackacs

    General Karla gave me Purple Heart in Hawaii in 1966 on my way back home .only had 1set utilities to ware he never said a word about it I had a picture of it but over the I lost the picture. Nick Tackacs Sgt. USMC

  • Sgt. Sailer

    My unite was the first combat unite toland in nam k co 3/9

  • G. Bradshaw Cpl. E-4

    Just before starting Electronic Schools (Dec.1961) for 33 weeks in MCRD San Diego I was to assigned Mess Duty for a few weeks. The mess hall was large and we feed a lot of Marines. Once in a while Gen. Krulak would come in & go through the mess line maybe sample the food, but he always sat down at a table of Marines and talked to his Marines. I believe that I read the General would also occasionally get up before the sun dressed in utilities and walk through the Quonset huts in the Boot Camp area….. just checking things out in the early morning. Semper Fi Marines!!

  • Robby J. Hookham USMC (Ret. ’81 – ’01)

    I do NOT have any stories that pertain to the elder Gen. Krulak, but I do have this story about his son. It was several years after the end of “Gulf War I”, I had the occasion to listen to a story as relayed by General CHARLES C. Krulak, the son of General Victor H. “Brute” Krulak. Gen. Charles Krulak was at the time our 31st Commandant of the Marine Corps and was the Guest Speaker at a reunion (I think) of World War II and Korean Marines in the Quantico area. Well, after speaking to this group of ‘Elder Marines’, one of them came up to Gen. Charles C. Krulak and commented that he “just knew that “Brute” would make Commandant one day and by the way, you’re looking as young as ever!” As a side note, I do believe that Gen. Charles C. Krulak went UNDEFEATED during his college career as a wrestler and IS in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

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