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Getting Desperate

I've made this appeal before but now, my health is failing (I'm 71) and name it and I've been there hunting for my grad book from PI.  Jul 7, 1961 to Sep/Oct 1961, Plt #339 of 336 series; HDI–S/Sgt Rushing, A/DI's Sgts Fox, Phillips, Long.  We are a three generation family and I'm trying to get what my Son (SD 1995 Plt #1050) destroyed.  Heck, I don't even have a pic of me when I was in the Corps.  I even have gone through about 300,000 plus photos of photos with the other half to go.  Would really appreciate help.  Series. CO was 1st LT. Silvers.

Thearle James Lacey, Jr. 1970XXX


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