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Gives Chills

Back of Derr's truck featuring Custom Iwo Jima decal

Gives Chills

Hi Sgt.Grit,
I read you site all the time and am pleased in what I read and am proud to be called an ex Marine from the old days. I joined the Corps in 11/55 as a reservist and went active in 6/56. I was part of a new program that was sponsored by a radio program called “The Magic Lady”, it sounded like a great idea as the whole platoon was from Philadelphia, PA. We didn’t realize how joyous it was all being from the same city until we arrived at PI. All of our DI’s were from the deep south, oh what joyous times we had. I have not regretted it even now, it made me a better man because of the things and times we had together. I remember the SAND FLEA burials and laugh about it now and realize it was what we needed to operate as a team, that training was rough but needed.

I have had a decal made up for the back of my truck and hope you enjoy it. I showed it to our local recruiter and he thinks it is great and I enjoy going down the road with others giving me the thumbs up sign or stopping at a light and some one yelling Semper Fi. It gives chills and makes me proud of being a Marine.

Keep up the good work.
Semper Fi
George Derr
Grandy, NC

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