Going To Write The CG of MCRD San Diego

Going To Write The CG of MCRD San Diego

Our reunion, 3/3 Viet Nam era, was in San Diego a couple weeks ago. Of course we went to a Friday Graduation. Afterwards we had a few moments so I wanted to see if the EGA on the base theater was as shinny as I left in Dec 1965. You see our PLT. drew maintenance duty instead of Mess duty. For a whole week I was assigned the job of shining that EGA. Well sadly I must report that it has not been kept up. A matter I am going to write the CG of base about.


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  • Thomas Banghart

    Ssgt.Thomas Banghart graduated oct 69 plt 1152 like to go back see. Mcrd

  • Cpl. David Ward

    Plt 2046 March ’69.. Sgt Crittenden and Sgt Banks showed us around base every day! best part of service was being first family to see my brother upon his arrival at Pendelton in May of same year. He make it home from Vietnam after 13 months and I am as happy about that today as I was then.

  • Robert Ross

    Tom, Member if the Historical Foundation at MCRD San Diego, will bring this to the attention of the G-3. Bob

  • Richard kumler

    Anyone remember duck walking up little agony at Camp Matthews April 1961 platoon 315 with SDI WD Jack McDowell Gunny E-6, SSgt E-5 Day, and Sgt E-4 McCully. All were Korea vets. Graduation was May 1961. Rich Kumler LCPL 1959 # # #.

  • William L. Kuhn

    Graduated Dec. 1960, Plt. 285. I don’t remember a “maintenance week” at boot camp only mess duty at Camp Matthews. Who do you contact to get permission to get aboard base for a graduation?

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