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Good Life

Good Life

I went to boot camp in 1951, we were using the 03 for sniper training, our regular weapon was the M1, at that time you fired every weapon the Marine Corps had, 50 cal, 30 cal. Rifle grenade, flame thrower, 45 and 38 hand weapons BAR, which I ended up with in Korea, carbine, bazooka. and of course the M1. also at Camp Mathews we had a couple of weeks of hand to hand, went to infantry training just up the road Tent Camp 2 for more weapon training. Retired Jan 1971 at Headquarters Marine Corps in Arlington, Va. Tours in Korea, Lebanon, Vietnam. Good life wish I was still in.

MSgt W.L. Robishaw

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Daniel Miller - April 27, 2020

When I was assigned Kilo Co. 3/4 on the Rock in 1975, I was the Co. Armorer for about 2 months. The Co. still had two (2) 3.5 rocket launchers in the inventory. Never did get to fire them, but did get to fire dang near every other weapon. Semper Fi! and Happy Birthday Marines. BTW, in the photo at the top of the article, between the baseball diamond and the football field (wan’t there when I was in Boot Camp 9-74/12-74)there seems to be two rows of covered parking. I believe that was the location of the “PIT” where we became “Sugar cookies” after a good “Thrashing” at the hands of our VERY capable D.I.’s, Sgt. Thymes, Sgt. Parrish, and/or Sgt. Brundage. Again, Semper Fi to all.

Howard Hada - April 27, 2020

R. Dotson…the Bazooka was BEFORE the 3.5 Rocket Launchers….Bazooka was much smaller caliber. Thank you for your service!

Ross & Kathryn - April 27, 2020

Went to Boot Camp, San Diego 1946 – My DI’s were Sgt. Proctor and Cpl. Heisler ( will never forget). Joined Penny Post card reserves and discharged in Aug 48 — on to Univ. Minn. 1949 “Hey Sgt. Gamble lets go to Korea” “Oh no, I’m in Pre-med” “sorry bout dat, come now or take a reserve commission with a 4 year degree” — OK off to Korea 1853 — offered a regular commission — had a Platoon in B-1-7. Back to NGF Wash DC, On to Camp LeJeune and then Lebanon in 58 — then on to Japan in 63 — 0n New Orleans in 67 — finally Vietnam in 69 got back and Wife died leaving me with 3 children — time to retire as a Major in 71 A wonderful life, now a volunteer at the Nat WW2 museum in New Orleans

Harry - April 27, 2020

I thought a bazooka was a piece of bubble gum.LOL We were told same “Army uses bazookas Marines use rocket launchers” Harry

R. Dotson - April 27, 2020

Excuse me for questioning a combat tested old corps Marine, but we were taught that the “doggies” had bazookas & the Marines had 3.5 rocket launchers. Semper Fi, Marine.

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