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Good Old Camp Hauge Admin |

I was stationed there at that tim ’58-59 12th Marine Reg. I think I was in 1st or 2nd Bn. We went from 105’s to the 4 deuce mortar lucky for me I stayed with my deuce and a half. The Battery was allowed 2 ea. 2/12 ton trucks, one for mess and one for ammo. I remember the gate and the back fence for boon-dock liberty. I loved the place, all gone now. New Marines will never know how great the “Hauge Royals were as a team. We took the Team and families via 2 1/2 ton trucks to Kadina AFB for a game against the dependent AFB kids, Much bigger than our kids but the Royals won the game. took the to our Mess Hall for ice cream. Love the picture thanks for sharing. Semper Fi

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