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Goodbye Poem
by Pfc. Josh Hanson 2/5 Fox Co.

This poem was written to a girl named mia, as a goodbye poem/letter. He was never able to say a final goodbye. He just wanted to let her know how he felt.

As I lay here silent and still

Thoughts and memories start to come

Almost like a movie, I can almost see the summer Colorado sun

We laughed, we fought, threw fits, and made love

The feel of your skin, the heat of your warmth, as breath taking as an Eagle and beautiful as a dove

A few snuggles, a few kisses, a sad goodbye hug

Is all I can remember before the morning bell rung

You still nappin mother fucker, knife hand to the jug

No sir, just thinkin bout her, ?well jodies got HER now? those words hit harder than a slug.

I pick up my pack, pick up my gun, take one last look and head into the morning sun

I?m in Pendleton you? hundreds of miles away

Don?t forget about me and don?t forget to pray

I?ll fight hard, fight fierce, without worry or pain

Show no mercy kick ass and take names

This is no longer a thought or a game

I?m headed to war, Marine is my name

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