Got Disciplined...JUSTIFIED...This S**T is SERIOUS!!!!

I started USMC Recruit Training April 29, 2002 with 2ND Battalion, Golf Company… I received discipline during Week 7(Rifle Week) of USMC Boot Camp Parris Island while practicing marching. Senior Drill Instructor sent me to the side after I made an incorrect motion, and I found myself in front of a extremely energized DI who was about to teach me the consequences of incorrect actions in presence of the SDI…ordering myself and several other recruits who messed up as well to begin exercising in full battle gear, oh it hurt…At the end of punishment exercises the DI ordered us to “port arms” with the M16A4…I obviously was not holding the rifle tight enough, because as the DI smacked the rifle while still in the “port arms” position the rifle swung back and struck my face causing my eyebrow to bleed, which was obviously noticable…I know that it was my mistake that caused this whole situation anyways…there were no options to fix this situation, way too much blood…The battalion was ordered to return to the barracks, the SDI staring at me all the while I took a quick glance at him as I ran past…while in formation a short while, the SDI pulled me aside to a private area one on one…I was questioned about incident and I stuck to the facts, just the facts…nothing was ever said or brought up concerning this incident as well nothing should have…bottom line is USMC Recruit Training is the MOST SERIOUS military training anyone can receive in order to keep our beloved America safe, day in and day out…Many recruits are not built to handle a career in the US Marine Corps…filtering these recruits by such discipline saves US Marines lives everyday whether on the battlefield or on duty on base…God Bless the US Marine Corps it’s Marines…Recruit Training is what gives each Marine his foundation on what a Marine is…The proof is in the final product…There is no “basic” military training in the world produces any finer product than a US MARINE…OOHRAH!…SEMPER FIDELIS! Love ya’ll…
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