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by Kristal Sewell

The day you told me you were leaving,
Was a very hard day.
I didn?t want you to leave
But knew this was what you wanted.

We talked about it every night
And you told me not to cry, that I was your rock.
So that I did
Not shedding a tear,
Until that day
You went away.
We both knew it was coming
We knew it would be hard to say goodbye
Even though it wasn?t for long
3 months is a long time.

I watched you get into that van
With the biggest grin.
How I knew this was what you wanted
My eyes still filled up with tears.

I waited on your letters and read them over and again.
In your letters I could see
How excited you were,
Oh how you told me you
Loved and missed me.

How proud I am of you
Knowing you were making your dreams come true
How you said you only wanted 2 things in life
Me and the Corps,
And that you wanted nothing more than
The best for me and you
But this was your way of
Doing it and making our dreams come true.

How you said If I didn?t want to take this route with you,
To make my decision and never look back.
How you said you didn?t want me
To find someone else
Just cause? we couldn?t be together all the time.

But how you should?ve known
No one else there would ever be.
Because I am in love with a US Marine!
No one else could take your place
Not only are you my love but also my best friend
We are one spiritually connected.

I kept a calendar
And marked down the days
Till it was finally Family day
We had a lot of preparing to do
And soon enough we were on our way.
On our way to see how you had gone
From a boy to a Man

A United Stated Marine you had become.

I felt like a 5 year old
Waiting on Christmas Day.
But finally that day had came
Family and Graduation Day.

You should know
I know my waiting period isn?t over
There is more to come
Even though your coming home with us
It isn?t for long.

Here soon you will have to leave again
And like before
Here I will be waiting on my Mr. Marine.
Because we are one and
This is the route I am choosing to take.
How ever long it may be
Right beside you I will be.

Semper Fi

Always Faithful,
Kristal Sewell

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