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Great Iwo Jima Power Point Presentation

Great Iwo Jima Power Point Presentation

From a Marine on the USS Blue Ridge during a recent WestPac pump. This morning the Marines onboard the USS Blue Ridge had an opportunity to get a helo ride around Iwo Jima. One of the Marine officers was smart enough to take his digital camera with him. I have taken the best photos and put them into the attached power point show (I’m becoming a better staff officer). September marks my 17th anniversary in the Marine Corps and this was the best experiences I have had to date.

For those of you who have been living on another planet, the raising of the American flag on Mt. Suribachi is one of the best known photographs ever taken and is the basis for the Marine Corps Memorial in Washington D.C. It took over three weeks to secure the island. Before the island was secure, bombers returning from attacks on mainland Japan were already using the island. Other facts of Iwo Jima are:

(A) 110,000 Marines were involved.
(B) 880 Navy ships participated (that is almost three times the size of the current US Navy.
(C) 24 Medals of Honor were presented to Marines/Sailors…more than any single battle in US history.

For the Marines who receive this, take the opportunity to save the pictures …what a great PME supplement.
Iwo Jima Power Point

David Christensen

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