Groucho Marx

On August 8, 1966 a four man recon team from the First Force Recon Battalion was inserted just below the DMZ in northern Quang Tri province. The team went by the name Groucho Marx and was led by Staff Sergeant Billy M. Donaldson. They were eventually discovered and trapped by the NVA. A reaction force from Echo Company, Second Battalion, Fourth Marines was sent to the rescue and part of that unit was also surrounded and trapped. A vicious over night fight ensued and eventually helicopters from HMM-265 and VMO-2 were involved. During the fight one Marine, Howard V. Lee, earned the Medal of Honor. Four Marines, including Donaldson, earned the Navy Cross, one the Silver Star and six the Bronze Star. Navy Corpsman Nicholas Tarzia also earned the Silver Star. Many were wounded and 5 Marines lost their lives. This story is thoroughly researched and included in my book Marines, Medals and Vietnam.
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