Guard Duty at Iwakuni

Guard Duty at Iwakuni

This is me on guard duty while I was at Iwakuni, Japan. (78-79) My MOS was 1371 Combat Engineer. You can see the Quonset hut in the background that we lived in back then. I was told that both MAG 15 and MWSG 17 have since been retired. That is sad but the memories that I have of my fellow Marines that served with me are always with me.

Semper Fi,

L/CPL Kenneth McCauley

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  • Monty LEE Sain, 72-93, Ret 1stSgt

    Yep there with MAG 15 MCAS Rose Garden, Nam Phong Tahiland. I left with the last In September 73 after air combat stopped. Retrograded back to Iwakuni. Still have a lot of photos of all the Rose Garden Camp.. Loved it!!

  • DALE FRY SSGT. 68-78

    I was there 74-75 VMCJ-1,SGT. of gard

  • James Mckenna

    I was in Iwakuni-72 with mag 15 motor transport and went on to Nam phong Thailand helped build the base the Rose Garden

  • Frank Sinanian Cpl 58-64

    I was there from December 60 to December 62 with VMR253 in the hydraulic shop. It changed to VMGR when the name of the C-130.

  • Ed Pequignot

    1984/85 not 83

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