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Guard Duty at Iwakuni

Guard Duty at Iwakuni

This is me on guard duty while I was at Iwakuni, Japan. (78-79) My MOS was 1371 Combat Engineer. You can see the Quonset hut in the background that we lived in back then. I was told that both MAG 15 and MWSG 17 have since been retired. That is sad but the memories that I have of my fellow Marines that served with me are always with me.

Semper Fi,

L/CPL Kenneth McCauley

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Monty LEE Sain, 72-93, Ret 1stSgt - May 14, 2020

Yep there with MAG 15 MCAS Rose Garden, Nam Phong Tahiland. I left with the last In September 73 after air combat stopped. Retrograded back to Iwakuni. Still have a lot of photos of all the Rose Garden Camp.. Loved it!!

DALE FRY SSGT. 68-78 - May 14, 2020

I was there 74-75 VMCJ-1,SGT. of gard

James Mckenna - May 14, 2020

I was in Iwakuni-72 with mag 15 motor transport and went on to Nam phong Thailand helped build the base the Rose Garden

Frank Sinanian Cpl 58-64 - May 14, 2020

I was there from December 60 to December 62 with VMR253 in the hydraulic shop. It changed to VMGR when the name of the C-130.

Ed Pequignot - May 14, 2020

1984/85 not 83

Daniel N. Colbert - May 14, 2020

I was with MWSG-17 when we moved from Itami to Iwakuni in 1954. We lived in the old Japanese barracks that were in the shape of a square letter O. In the open part of the O it was like a Japanese traditional formal garden. They were two story with the head on the lower level. They were next to the flight line. I worked at group HQ and behind the building, there were deep depressions along the dike from bombs of WW. When we arrived, the old Japanese bath was still there and worked. We loved it, but soon the powers to be tore them out. Also on walking to work every day I passed a small shrine that we were told the Kamakazi pilots made their last ritual before flying out. Also while there, several old Lockheed twin engine bombers were turned over to the Japanese. It was strange to see these old bomber painted a dark navy blue with the rising sun painted on the fuselage. I was then transferred to MAG-33 located at K3 airbase. It was located at Younil (Pohang) at the upper edge of the Pusan perimeter, and the area changed hands at least three times during the war. Semper Fi. Sgt. Daniel Colbert

Allen Beye, CWO2 ret. - May 14, 2020

I was MABS – 17 station ordnance in 63-64 and lived in Block 8. In 69-70 lived in Quonset huts while in VMFA – 334. Passed through Iwakuni in 73 as a CWO-2 , went to station ordnance and the OIC, Cpt. Wilkerson, was my old friend from 63 when I was a PFC and he was a CPL. I almost forgot, lived in Quosetts wingside 3 months in 67 when VMFA regrouped and went back to Danang.I took Japanese in 63. My folks lived in Rockville, MD. Iwa translates to large rock or Boulder. Kuni translates to area or ville. So, Iwakuni translated to Rockville. Semper Fi – Gunner Beye to

Gary Waer - May 14, 2020

Iwakuni 76-77, WERS-17 Wing Equipment Repair Squadron (We Eventually Repair Something) 13 months, great duty station. Soba with monkey meat from the truck that went through wingside.

Daniel J McEachren - May 14, 2020

It was my first duty station after training in MAS yuma. I was there MAG12 H&HS 12 in june 1980-1981. During my time there, I built bomb (blue practice) and the 2.75 rocket pods for a short time, before getting sent out with VMA214 “black sheep” an A-4 squadron. I went to northern japan at Misawa SDJDB for two weeks and Kadena Okanonia USAF BASE for three. Finishing my time there as barracks support where the staff in charge said that I had earned Letter of mertius mast, but never saw it. I’d wish to get this assignment later than the first, for it was the first time ever that I had left the country borders.

Sgt Joe - May 14, 2020

Brings back memories, I was there in 76-77 with vmfa-115.

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