Guard Duty at Iwakuni

Guard Duty at Iwakuni

This is me on guard duty while I was at Iwakuni, Japan. (78-79) My MOS was 1371 Combat Engineer. You can see the Quonset hut in the background that we lived in back then. I was told that both MAG 15 and MWSG 17 have since been retired. That is sad but the memories that I have of my fellow Marines that served with me are always with me.

Semper Fi,

L/CPL Kenneth McCauley

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  • Dale Giordano

    I was there on my second tour in Iwakuni as an A-6 pilot in VMA (aw) 224 in MAG 12. Lot’s of good memories. A good friend of mine was there last year and said you would not recognize the place. The only thing that is the same is the concrete Zero hangar. Semper Fi Marine!

  • Alvin

    I was there in 78-79 with VMGR-252 Det C. Great place to eat was Genghis Khans!

  • Paul Mills

    A true American Semper Fi my brother

  • Rick Rawling

    I spent 7 years in Iwakuni, a great place to “grow up” in the Corps. I was there the same time frame you were, it was my second duty station and I volunteered to get out of the Lejeune area. i worked at SAR Search and Rescue, definitely a memorable place to be as a LCpl-Sgt. Semper fidelis, SgtMaj Rawling

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