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Gunny Davis Cake Run

Gunny Davis Cake Run

OK last year I got to wake up with my beautiful wife at Parris Island and go get a sweet Eagle Globe and Anchor Tat on the MC Birthday and I thought to myself this is the best one yet. I was wrong. Tonight I ran the gauntlet through Karmah a crappy little town next to Fallujah that keeps us busy taking care of Ali baba and all the Misters on a regular basis, not a good place. But it is a place that hold 4 small AO's with small detactments of Marines, who live the basic life and get 2 hot meals a week. BUT it the dang Corps Birthday, 230 years of taking the garbage out, so those boys deserve their cake just like all Marines around the world, ssooo tonight I hooked up with a buddy of mine from 2/2 and we went on a cake run. It was awesome, only had to stop once for possible IED's which was great because its usually 2-4 times a trip. made it to all for AO's and got to get Marines their frikken Birthday cake. THIS is the best birthday I have ever had. Happy frikken birthday Marines, go get your piece of cake( and drink one for us) From me and my Marines in Camp Fallujah Iraq.

We had to wrap them in trashbags, because of the nasty dust.

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