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Gunny Davis Update

Gunny Davis Update

Gunny Davis and fellow MarineHey Bossman, its been awhile. I have been all over the country these last few weeks, not even sure where I’m waking up these days. Everyone is gearing up for the elections, so sh!t is getting pretty tight around here. Not much to tell, they keep killing us and we keep killing them. Still lots of IED’s all over the place. Interestingly enough, The army has asked us to start taking some of there convoys, because the enemy wont attack us directly. The army has a cut and run policy, so if the Hadjis start shooting at them they hit the gas and try and drive through the kill zone. We on the other hand when hit stop right on the spot dismount our vehicles get online and attack the f^*kers head on, till they are all dead. The Hadjis have started to notice the difference between the two.

I was traveling between base x and base x and ran into this fine gentleman while waiting for a helo. Good good man, very nice. Hope all is well with you and the family and I cannot wait to get home. Gunny Davis

OH yea, I was riding in a helo a few nights ago, which by the way was built in 1973 and this crew chief comes up to me and takes off his visor and its Ben Weir, a kid I put in about 5 years ago from BridgeCreek Oklahoma, we have him in the Grits Catalog, talk about a small Marine Corps.

God Bless brother.
Gunny D

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